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Nepal Telecom ADSL Router setup new method 2019 Updated.

Hello friends, on this post today we are going to share new method to setup any Adsl Router with new updated User Name and Password.

Step by Step Guide:

1) Plug in your Router Adapter to AC line,

2) Now you can see your default Router Wifi name,

3) You can use your Mobile phone and Computer/ Laptop,

4) If you are using mobile phone then connect to your default wifi,
    If you are using Computer/ Laptop then connect via WIFI or RJ-45 cable to setup Router.

5) Open your browser and enter  
    (you can fnd default username, Password and IP address at backside of your router)

6) On Login/ Sign in page Enter your router default username and password, then click enter,

                Username: admin
                 Password: admin

7) Now you can see Router Home Page,

8) Click on Quick Setup options,

9) Now new wizard box appear, click on next,

10) Choose your Time Zone i.e GMT+05:45 Kathmandu, Click on Next,
      (if you cannot find Kathmandu then you can choose nearer time zone India GMT +05:30)

11) Now select ISP Connection Type for ADSL,

12) Choose: encapsulation --- PPPoE/LLC or PPPoE/ PPPoA,
                    Authentication --- Auto

13) Now type Username and Password provided by Nepal Telecom,

                 Username: NTADSL014390xxx
                 Password: NTADSL014390xxx

(Providing these information should establish connection between CPE and DSLAM)

14) Now type VPI= 8 and VCI= 81, Click save or next,

15) Now you can Configure your Wifi Settings like this:
            Access point: Activated

            SSID: Name your WIFI network
           Broadcast SSID: Yes
          Authentication Type: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
         Encryption: TKIP/AES
       Pre-shared Key: Type your wifi password

16) Now Save settings and your router may reboot to make new changes,

17) That's All !!! Enjoy.

Tips: Nepal Telecom has changed their username and password format with 5 Mbps Internet due to which many user have problem to setup new adsl setting.

If you have any problem then feel free to comment or message us. If you found this post helpful then like and share this post among friends.

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