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PUBG Mobile Banned: How to play PUBG in Banned Country/ Region [Solved].

April 22, 2019 0
On this post, today we are going to share How  to play PUBG mobile games in banned country. we use VPN/ DNS Changer to play game and Bypass game restrictions.

Step by step guide:

> First  conect WIFI or turn on Mobile Data, 

> Open Play Store,

> Search for DNS Changer/ VPN apps,

    (Here we are using DNS Changer apps but, you can use any VPN app as you like)

> Click on Install button and wait until app Installed.

> Open your DNS/ VPN apps,

> Choose DNS Provider/ Server you want to connect,

> Click on Start button,

> Now you can See Connected message on apps,

> Go back and open your game and keep playing.

Tips: Don't Disconnect your DNS/ VPN apps while playing games. VPN/ DNS Changer help to bypass you current address (location) and connect to another server due to which we can play Banned games.

Note: we try our best to help you so, if you found this post helpful then Like, Share and Comment us below.

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Vivo 1716 (V7 Plus) Pin, Password/ Pattern remove done with RBsoft Tool 1.6

March 27, 2019 0
Hello gsm friends, today we are going to share how to format Vivo V7 plus (1716) using RBSoft Tool v 1.6. Popular dongle like- CM2, Inferno cannot do this job.

Let's get into topic with step by step guides:

1) First Download and Register RBSoft Tool,

2) Download Loader file: prog_emmc_firehose_8953_ddr_Vivo_V7_Plus,

3) Open RBSoft Tool 1.6 and Enter your Login id and Password,

4) Go to Qualcomm Tab,

5) Tick on Manual Loader options and select loader file,

6) Power off your phone and wait 10 sec, 

7) Press volume up and down key and insert usb cable,
     (phone must be in EDL mode to process)

Tip: If your phone doesnot goes into EDL mode then open your back panel and find EDL Testpoint and short it using Tweezers.

8) Make sure Qualcomm driver is installed properly on your PC,

9) Click on Format options on tool,

10) Wait until your device reboot after format, that's all !!!

Note: We provide all kinds of repairing solutions free to help gsm friends. If this post help you then don't forgot to like, share and comment us.

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Samsung GT- S7562/ S7582 Charging section ok but charge not show 100% working solution.

March 18, 2019 0
Hello friends, on this post we are going to share common problems of samsung S7562/ S7582 i.e. charging section ok but charge not show.

(for clear jumper download image and Zoom out)

Sometimes we receive mobile phone from customer to repair Charging Issues. At first we check charging ways, charging Voltage then we change charging port/ pin. After changing charging port sometimes it doesnot show charging sign on mobile phone. This is happen due to break of connection from charging port to board. To fix such issues simply make jumper of No. 3 and 4 as shown on the given figure. After all your problem Solved.

Note: we provide all kinds of tested solutions for free to help you in repairing field. If this post help you then like, sahre and comment us.

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Huawei Y5ii (CUN-U29) FRP/ Google Lock remove done with Inferno Tool

March 16, 2019 0
On this post, today we are going to share How to remove FRP/ Google ID lock using Inferno Tool. Huawei y5ii have secure boot system due to which Some box or dongle does not support boot.

First you have to download DA_Swsec.bin boot file. Lets get into process step by step:

1) First open Inferno MTK Tool,

2) Select Custom Boot options,

3) Click on Unlock Phone button,

4) Select Unlock (USB) options,

5) Click on Clear FRP 2 (EMMC) ,

Video Guides:

6) Now it ask DA file, Select DA_SWSEC.bin file,

7) Power off your phone then insert USB cable,

8) Now it ask Auth file (no need), just cancel it,

9) Wait until it say Clear Frp Successfully! ,

10) That's all, now remove battery and power on your phone.

Note: We provide all kinds of tested solutions here for free to help our GSM friends. If you found this post helpful then Like, Share and Comment us.

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Nepal Telecom ADSL Router setup new method 2019 Updated.

March 14, 2019 0
Hello friends, on this post today we are going to share new method to setup any Adsl Router with new updated User Name and Password.

Step by Step Guide:

1) Plug in your Router Adapter to AC line,

2) Now you can see your default Router Wifi name,

3) You can use your Mobile phone and Computer/ Laptop,

4) If you are using mobile phone then connect to your default wifi,
    If you are using Computer/ Laptop then connect via WIFI or RJ-45 cable to setup Router.

5) Open your browser and enter  
    (you can fnd default username, Password and IP address at backside of your router)

6) On Login/ Sign in page Enter your router default username and password, then click enter,

                Username: admin
                 Password: admin

7) Now you can see Router Home Page,

8) Click on Quick Setup options,

9) Now new wizard box appear, click on next,

10) Choose your Time Zone i.e GMT+05:45 Kathmandu, Click on Next,
      (if you cannot find Kathmandu then you can choose nearer time zone India GMT +05:30)

11) Now select ISP Connection Type for ADSL,

12) Choose: encapsulation --- PPPoE/LLC or PPPoE/ PPPoA,
                    Authentication --- Auto

13) Now type Username and Password provided by Nepal Telecom,

                 Username: NTADSL014390xxx
                 Password: NTADSL014390xxx

(Providing these information should establish connection between CPE and DSLAM)

14) Now type VPI= 8 and VCI= 81, Click save or next,

15) Now you can Configure your Wifi Settings like this:
            Access point: Activated

            SSID: Name your WIFI network
           Broadcast SSID: Yes
          Authentication Type: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
         Encryption: TKIP/AES
       Pre-shared Key: Type your wifi password

16) Now Save settings and your router may reboot to make new changes,

17) That's All !!! Enjoy.

Tips: Nepal Telecom has changed their username and password format with 5 Mbps Internet due to which many user have problem to setup new adsl setting.

If you have any problem then feel free to comment or message us. If you found this post helpful then like and share this post among friends.

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Meizu M5 Note Pattern, Pin, Password Lock remove done without box

January 26, 2019 0
Hello Friends, today on this post we are going to share how to remove Pin, Pattern, Password Lock on Meizu M5 Note without box. Here we use SP Flash Tool v5.xx for safe Format (no need to full flash).

All we know that Meizu M5 note have secure boot due to which we cannot format this phone using Software Box. Only Dongle like Mrt and Umt may do this job.

Step by Step Guides:

> Download and extract Meizu M5 Note Firmware,

> Download and extract Sp Flash Tool v5 Latest version (Secure Boot Supported),

> Open Sp Flash Tool v5.xx,

> Click on Download Agent and Select DA_PL.bin file,
    (you can find DA_PL.bin file inside SP Flash Tool folder)

> Load Scatter firmware according to your cpu type(MT6755),

>Select Download Firmware options,

> Untick all file except Userdata and Cache,

   (only tick userdata and cache file)

> Click on Start button,

> Power off your phone and Insert usb cable,
   (sometimes need to press volume down key as a boot key)

> Wait until Download Ok Message appear on  Screen.

Note: if you have any problem then feel free to comment below. We try our best to help you in Repairing Field. Don't forgot to like, share and suggest us.

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Oppo Network Unlock Tool 2018 free Download 100% Working

November 29, 2018 0
On this post, we are going to share Oppo Unlock Tool 2018 free for all GSM Friends. Tool Packed into .RAR/  ZIP  format so before use extract it using WinRar or 7-Zip.

About Tools:
        Oppo Unlock Tool is developed by LIVEONVIP & ROMTHAI CENTER so all credits goes to them.

We can use this tool to remove Network Lock of Latest Oppo Phones like- A3s, A5, Realme 2, etc. Technician person can easily handle this tools without any errors.

Download Tools

From here you can easily download oppo unlock tool but, you must have some knowledge before operate this Unlock Tool. If you are a Technician and you are capable to do software on mobile phones then you have no any problem to use this tool.
Download Password

Note: We are trying our best to help you. If you found this post helpful then Like, Share and Comment us.

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