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    CM2 Infinity Server can't be reached [Solved] with new Server link

    Hello Gsm friends, today we are going to Share Solutions of CM2 Infinity Server can't be reached problem. We all now that Server1.infinity-box contain Flashfiles, Dongle Setup, Dongle Drivers and Guides which is provided by Infinity Team especially for CM2 Dongle users.Nowadays, Infinity Server not work well so we are going to share new link to acess Infinity-Server without any problem.

    Step by Step Guides:

    > At first go to Server1.Infinity-box.com : http://server1.infinity-box.com/download/pub.php ,

    > Check you can Acess Infinity Server or not,

    > Mostly we get error i.e. This site can't be reached problem,

    > Don't worry we have another Link to Acess Infinity Server,

    > Click On the Below Link and Acess Infinity Server at anytime

    !!!!! Infinity CM2 Dongle MTK v2 Boom Boom Update is Coming Soon !!!!!

    Note: We provide all kinds of solutions which we have test and we hope it helps others. If you find this post helpful then please Like, Share and Comment us.

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