Nokia C2 (TA 1204) user lock Format done.

    On this post, we are going to share how to remove Pin, Pattern, Password from Nokia C2 (TA 1204) Smartphone. It is based on Spreadtrum Unisoc CPU with Android 9.0 (Pie). Here we use Infinity CM2 new version Tool i.e. CM2 SP2 V2.14.

how to remove Pin, Pattern, Password from Nokia C2 (TA 1204) Smartphone

👉Step by Step Guides:
  • Open CM2 SP2 Tool (use latest version),
  • Click on Platform Tab,
  • Under CPU [Platform] select SC7715_BASE,
  • Choose Model [Type]: SC7715_emmc_512MB_NS,
  • Now Tick on DiagMode options,
  • Click on Identify Device,
  • Power Off your Nokia C2 (TA 1204),
  • Press Volume UP+ Down Key and Insert USB cable,
  • Make sure that you have Installed latest version
  • Wait until, Boot Done after that remove USB cable,
  • If you get Boot Error then change Model type and retry,
  • Now, Go to Service Tab,
  • On User Locks/ File System choose Reset Settings {Format FS},
  • Click on Format FS button,
  • Power Off your phone,
  • Press Volume Up+ Down key and insert USB cable,
  • Remember that we need to press Boot key on SPD based phones to detect,
  • Make sure that you have already Installed SPD Unisoc COM port drivers,
how to remove Pin, Pattern, Password from Nokia C2 (TA 1204) Smartphone
  • Wait, few moments until you see Wipe OK: UserData message,
  • First boot take few minutes, be patient,
  • If your phone have Old security update then no need to bypass FRP,
  • If it ask for Flash mode then use FRP bypass method,
  • That's all ! your Nokia C2 is ready to use, Enjoy.
By this way you can remove Pin, Pattern, Password Permanently from your Nokia C2 TA 1204 phones. We try our best to help you in repairing fields. All solutions we provide here is tested before posting but, you have to perform this task with your own risk. If you found this post helpful then feel free to share it with your friends.

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