Vivo Y19 Password, Pin, Pattern [Format] remove done using CM2 MT2 Tool

 On this post, we are going to share how to remove Pattern, Pin, Password and FRP (google id lock) from Vivo Y19 Smartphone. Here we use Infinity CM2 new version Tool i.e. MT2 v2.21. 

Vivo y19 Format, Hardreset Done
👉Step by Step Guides:
  • Open CM2 MT2 Tool (use latest version),
  • On Plaform/ Main Tab select Vivo,
  • If you don't find Vivo Y19 then Select Y83 options,
  • Tick on DA and Auth tab then select proper file,
  • On right side you can find Global Settings,
vivo Y19 Format, Hardreset Done
  • Make sure here you tick on Meta options,
  • Go to Service Tab (down side 4th tab),
  • On Format FS/ Reset Settings select Full Factory(FORCED+FRP),
  • Now, click on Reset Settings/ Format FS,
  • Power off your phone and get ready to press boot key,
  • Press Volume up + Volume down key at same time and connect usb cable to your PC,
  • Make sure that you have install new version of Mediatek Preloader driver on your PC,
  • After few seconds you can see {boot done and reconnect your phone} message,
  • Remove USB cable, Click on Reset Settings/ Format FS again,
  • Now press boot key mention above and connect your phone,
  • Be patient, after some time it show Format ok: Userdata,
  • That's all ! Enjoy. 

Here Logs,

Card found : 383xxx , v0147

Infinity-Box [ Chinese Miracle ] MediaTek Service Module [ MTK ] v2.21

Load IDBase v21168 Ok!

Operation : Reset Settings/Format FS [ v2.21 ]

Mode : META

1. Make sure device is powered off. Power off, if need. Wait 20 seconds after

2. Insert USB cable in phone

Waiting for device connection ...

PTFN : MediaTek USB Port_V1632 (COM3)


PORT : 3

Waiting BOOT ack ...

BROM : Skip ACK verify


BROM init passed!

     CHIP : MT6768 , SBID : 0x8A00 , HWVR : 0xCA00 , SWVR : 0x0000


BROM : MEID : 1B2B0F09C19944EAD599E1F8814650F4

BROM : SecLevel : 0x000000E5



BROM : LOG : F0: 102B 0000  F3: 0000 0000 [0200]  V0: 0000 0000 [0001]

BROM : SOCID : C71A369F145719E84BFBFFDF6D076E77B761A7C4D813258CF2C6471B542789D4

BROM : Configuring target for META

BROM : META configured!

INIT : META confirmed!

Vivo Y19 Format, hardreset done.

Boot done!

AP_CHIP : MT6768

AP_SWTM : Mon Jan 18 19:14:53 CST 2021

AP_SWVR : alps-mp-p0.mp3.tc19sp.sp2-V1.0.1_bbk.p0mp3.k68v1.64_P223

Format Ok : UserData

 - > Format in META will NOT reset FRP!


Elapsed: 00:01:19

Reconnect Power/Cable!

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