CM2 Secure Boot Error/ Security Boot Not Support Problem Fix new Method 100% work.

Hello Gsm Friends, today we are going to share Cm2 dongle Secure boot/ Security Boot not Support problems Fix Solutions. We all know that CM2 team give Supplementry Update only.

Nowadays, many phones came with Secure Boot system due to which we face many problems to flash, format and repair Phones.

Step by Step Guide to Fix DA Error/ Security Boot not Support:

1. First Open your CM2 MTK Location (  C:\InfinityBox\CM2MTK\Boot),

 2. Open Boot Folder now, you can see many DA files,

3. MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin is our Main file,

4. Move MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin file from here and Paste into Desktop or Safe place,

5.Now Copy Your Phone DA File (which you want to Flash) into CM2 Boot file Location,
6. Now Copy MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin name,

7. Rename/ Paste MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin Copied Name,

8. See we change Name DA_LUNA_KEY.bin to MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin,

9.  Now open your CM2MTK Program and enjoy,

10. After complete work don't forgot to Replace orginal MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin file into CM2,

11. After Replace/ Copy orginal MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin you can run tool as before,

12. We Need to replace DA file for Read, Write, Format and Repair Mobile Phones having Secure Boot.

Videos Tutorials:

Download CM2 Orginal MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin If you Lost or confuse while replace. All brands Mobile Phones Secure Boot DA file will uploaded soon in next Post Stay connected with us for more details.

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