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    I-Life Tab Registration Bypass after Flashing/ Hardreset 100% tested solution

    Hello GSM friends, here i am going to share the solution of I-Life tab registration. Generally, I-life registration problem occur when we flash/ change rom in tablet or Hardreset may cause this issue. Dont worry, i am going to explain how to fix this kind of problems. 


    1)  Power on your phone/ tablet,

    2) Do not connect to internet,

    3) Now fill all fake information,
        ( see here is example)

    3) Full Name= GSM Nepal
        Surname= Zone
        Date of purchase= 2017/05/07
        Email= testgsmnepal@gmail.com
        Country= Nepal
        Model no.= Itel-3333k
        IMEI no. = 355xxxxxxxxxxxx
        IMEI no. = 356xxxxxxxxxxxx

    4) Click on Submit button

    5) That's all, now you can use your tablet/ phone easily.


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